Proceeds Kitting out Kenya!

two banners that leave little to the imagination: we have to do it together

you bet the stuff is brand new!

photo: Tina Wenink

The campaign has raised € 2.211,75. At the end of August, the money from the campaign Kitting out Kenya! transferred from our green church Santpoort and Velserbroek to Tina Wentink, who together with James Wakibia has made an action plan for this worldwide cleaning day. Such a shame that James was unable to attend this special day of the year due to commitments, although we knew that in advance. Tina unfortunately down with bronchitis on World Cleanup Day 2022. We would have loved to see them come into the picture.


She had complete faith in her team and they did not disappoint her. She has bought the necessary items well before the action day to ensure that the cleaning runs smoothly. Unfortunately, it was only possible to organize the clean-up. Press photographer Brian Ongoro has captured some beautiful action shots.

World Cleanup Day 2022

Kisumu County


the refreshments are unpacked

after the refreshments the tools were unloaded

the safety vests are handed out

click here for an impression of the cleanup

clean up the world

photo: Tina Wentink

the kickoff

Of course it all starts with a thorough instruction

but  we don't have to do it alone

work in progress

the purchased military folding shovels and wheelbarrows are a necessary evil, but it can also be done by hand: man and woman

manual disposal is also possible, man and woman

do not think too much...

...just dive in and the gloves prove their worth

three-stage rocket

military folding shovel also called camping shovel, helpful, then manually in the bag...

or with the spade, then the hands are not in the way...

and once again carry off...

young and old, boys and girls: many hands make light work while the mountain of waste gets bigger and bigger...

until everything is clean...

...also the water

in the end

until the earth, rivers and seas are clean!


Letter of thanks

from Kenya, October 16, 2022


Dear people in the Netherlands and especially Santpoort and Velserbroek,


With this letter I would like to thank you for the help with our cleaning action in Kenya! In my district, Kisumu near Lake Victoria, we have collected at least 50 garbage bags of litter with volunteers. Mainly diapers, plastic and glass bottles were collected by us in bags of up to 70kg! The collected dirt was really an absolute record this time!


Unfortunately, politicians don't think it's that important to keep the environment clean, but luckily three local politicians were present to support our action. A TV channel also came by to create more awareness.


We were really overwhelmed  by the amount of volunteers that showed up; we had bought stuff for about 100 people, but more than 150 volunteers helped. We have worked together a lot with various local organizations, such as Kisumu Environmental Champions, Jijengee and Twinsworld. Even, people from the distant area came to help us, in addition to a lot of children from the neighborhood, full of enthusiasm and also found it big fun!


Unfortunately, we had underestimated the number of volunteers, therefore the promised food and drink was on the limited side! A clear learning point for the next cleanup that will certainly come. We want to hold these on the next World Cleanup Day on June 5, 2023, but we will probably get started earlier.


We are very happy with the collected amount of more than € 2200.00, so that we could purchase sufficient auxiliary material here. We can use these items, waste grabs, rubber boots, gloves, garbage bags and the like for our next cleanup!


Again, on behalf of all volunteers, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this cleaning action and the world is a little bit cleaner again!



With a warm regards,


Tina Wentink

Kisumu, Kenya

Thanks from sympathizers


From jeenge:

Hello Harry Stevens, sincere appreciation for your team's support, it was quite instrumental in the success of the cleanup project. We are super hopeful that we will be able to continue with the good work with both your support and our community members engagement.




Tom Ogalo, Jijenge Youth Cleanup Day Coordinator of the Western Region of Kenya



From Kisumu Environmental Champions:

Very honored to be mentioned as a sympathizer. My community based organization Kisumu Environmental Champions, led by campaigner Rahmina Paullete and that other CBO Jijengee led by Tom Ogalo brought on board the volunteers and was part of the coordinators. We work together with Jagpal Sadhu who is the husband of Tina. It was a successful cleanup and we say thank you to the funders , looking forward to more involvement in turns of engaging the grassroots organization and campaigners .


For further engagement you can contact me:


A thank you

from the Netherlands, October 25, 2022

The Working Group Kitting Out Kenya! say many thanks to you Tina, her employees and photographer Brian Ongoro, for organizing and realizing this cleanup in Kenya on site.


Bart, Chris, Gerrit, Harry, Roland , Ton


for all children on earth and their future!!!!!