Helping Kenya

World Cleanup Day

17 September, Nakuru & Nakuru City and Kisuma Dunga 

The Work Group of the Green Church, Protestant Congregation of Santpoort and Velserbroek wants to raise money for local purchases in Kenya for World Cleanup Day. Among the items will be grabbers but also overalls, spades and various other tools. The activists James Wakibia and Tina Wentink will buy these items in the Counties of Nakuru and Kisumu. Together with 200 volunteers per cleanup, they each tackle plastic pollution in these regions. We cannot do this alone: ​​we invite you to participate.


Under the leadership of James and Tina, there are already anti-litter campaigns on a regular basis, but without litter pickers, read: grabbing sticks, as can be seen on the HOME page of this site. As a journalist-photographer, James maps the pollution in the hope that something will be done about it. During World Cleanup Day, 17 September, 2022, he will take pictures of how the equipment will be used — but now with resources, also for the future. A newspaper in the Netherlands will cover the operation in the context of sustainability.

Face to face


I am driven by a desire for a clean and healthy environment. One with less plastic. My slogan is:


     —Less Plastic is fantastic!—


I moved to Kenya eight years ago and this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Plastic pollution is such a shame and unnecessary. If we all do a little bit, we will come a long way.

James Wakibia

You may know James from the VARA television documentary Ik, Plastic, I, Plastic, that was broadcast a few years ago. It can still be viewed on the NPO website. After watching the documentary I, now one of the committee members of the Kitting out Kenya! campaign, contacted him on Facebook and we became friends. I sent him a link to the documentary, which he enjoyed watching.

Get to know James better by clicking the links below. The photos he as a photograper uploads show how extremely serious the problem is —this is what our campaign will be tackling! The resources we use on our Dutch World Cleanup Day, which is coordinated by Nederland Schoon, aren’t readily available in Kenya. In Kenya, World Cleanup Day is coordinated by The United Nations.

click here to watch the documentary Ik, plastic

click here to meet James Wakibia

Rothschild giraffes are at risk of disappearing from the Lake Nakuru area due to habitat loss, animals of prey and poaching

More about the campaign

contents of the campaign box

With the proceeds of our campaign target amount € 6,000, good for several cleanups cleaning materials can be bought and the volunteers receive food and drink. The following supplies will be purchased:

  • litter picker
  • wellies
  • garbage bags
  • gloves
  • overalls
  • safety vests
  • 4-prong digging forks
  • spades
  • thigh waders
  • scoop nets
  • wheelbarrows
  • meals
  • sodas
  • website costs etc.
  • marketing
  • unforeseen expenses

Campaign cost table

needed for one cleanup consisting of 200 cleaners per county price KES price €
litter pickers, only six, one for each accompanist of a subgroup 009000 0072.00
wellies 006000 0048.00
garbage bags 004000 0032.00
gloves 007200 0057.00
overalls 015000 0120.00
safety vests 050000 0399.00
4-prong digging forks 012000 0096.00
spades 004500 0036.00
thigh waders 008000 0064.00
scoop nets 039000 0311.00
wheelbarrows 030000 0239.00
meals 020000 0160.00
sodas 010000 0080.00
website costs etc. 019000 0152.00
marketing 015000 0120.00
unforeseen expenses 015000 0120.00
total € 2106.00. in this English table the amounts in euros are slightly more precise than earlier shown 236700 2106.00

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