many volunteers, no litter pickers or bin bag hoops

Ways to donate

Bank transfer


Please send your donation to mpesa it is no longer possible to donate as the action has been completed Tina Wentink.


  • this method is commonly known in Kenya


Send a campaign donation to current account: it is no longer possible to donate as the action has been completed indicating: Diaconie Prot. Gem. Santpoort-Velserbroek and Kitting out Kenya. This IBAN belongs to our Protestant church community Santpoort Velserbroek, so your donations are Dutch tax deductible. The BIC is INGBNL2A.


  • although the campaign has been completed, the information on the site will remain visible for a while to inspire other Green Churches to set up something similar
  • not every bank wil support this method

QR code


Donations can also be made via I-DEAL using the following QR code:

     during this payment procedure, a message appears: Klaar is Kenia!

     but it is uncertain if your bank support this third way of payment

Tax deductions

A donation to the campaign Kitting out Kenya! is linked to the account number of the diaconie (social work department of the church) of the Protestant congregation in Santpoort and Velserbroek. You may, under certain conditions, deduct your contribution to this campaign from your taxable income, because the diaconie is a so-called ANBI, a General Benefit Institution. All of this applies, of course, if you have to pay tax in the Netherlands.

Justification of costs

Before making a donation you’ll want to know how we’re going to use the money. We can’t provide a fine-grained estimate of the campaign’s costs, but it will probably come to € 2,500.


In consultation with our contacts in Kenya, we have come up with the following products. Especially the thigh waders, digging forks, spades and litter pickers will last for years. We hope that the visibility of these tools will encourage a movement to counter plastic and promote sustainability. A table of costs can be consulted on this website under GOAL.


how green is the world actually?

the campaign with eco-graffiti


Here we would like to mention the source of each statement of support for the campaign (only if the parties in question wish to be listed). These are:


Those are:

  • green churches
    religious groups
  • social organisations
    political channels
  • companies

the promotion includes an A3 poster, an A4 folding sheet and an A5 digital flyer

green churches or religious groups

  • GroeneKerken, together with other churches on the way to a sustainable society

    green churches

organisations or political channels


  • OPNIEUW!, passion for sustainability, they have donated € 50,00

volunteers of Serve the City Kenya busy cleaning